Mission Statement

Upholding our founder’s values, Sub Consult, Inc. aims to resolve any problems our clients may encounter.

From small solutions to large packages, we aim to uphold our continued standard of excellency in customer service and satisfaction. With our expertise in the international market, we are more than capable of servicing all of your needs.

Sourcing that one specific item to researching and development. Sub Consult has the experience, and above all the connections, to put life into your project.

Lori Uhryn
General Manager

Message from the Founder:

After seeing a need for a custom supply brokering company of oilfield equipment in the mid to late ’90’s, and after spending twenty-five years in the Middle East doing various work on the vast oilfields there, I took it upon myself to start a company to meet this need.

With our expertise in the international market, we are more than capable to serve all your needs. Because we are a small company, we can and will go that extra mile whether it is for a complete rig package or just that one specific item.

Call us today for further information on products or services that may be of interest to you.

Sincerely Yours,

James (Jim) Uhryn

Lori Uhryn
General Manager

Lori is responsible for day-to-day administration, sales, accounting management and logistics for SubConsult.

She has worked side-by-side with Jim in every aspect of the business from its conception and is now dealing with all aspects of the contracts and customer support.

Corporate History

SubConsult, Inc. was founded as a small consulting firm by Jim Uhryn after 25+ years of oil and gas industry related experience and 5 years of private consulting in the Middle East and Asia. In fifteen years of successful business, Jim gained hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied customers and contacts in all aspects of the oil and gas industry.

In 2005, Lori Uhryn became involved in SubConsult’s day-to-day operations, assisting Jim in many aspects of operating SubConsult. During Jim’s illness, Lori took over Jim’s role in the company and officially became General Manager in summer 2014 after Jim’s passing.

We look forward to carrying on the legacy of quality service, professionalism, and exceptional customer service as core values of our business.